Code Snippets and Other Things

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Hi! I am Malayaja, currently a PhD student in the Department of Physics at IIT Madras. Click here to go to my main website.

On this website, I have put up some code snippets of stuff I am learning along the way of life.

The focus area of my research in graduate school has been Dynamical Systems, specifically in Network Science, specifically the characterization of networks from a simplicial point of view. What does that mean? I'll soon put up some explanatory notes.

Having said that, I have also started to foray into Data Science.

So, this page will have code snippets and projects from what I'm learning in Network Science, Dynamical Systems, Physics, and Data Science. (I'll add more tags when I learn more things.)

2021-Nov-18, Thursday

I found a tutorial on decomposing time series into its periodic and trend components, and I played around with it here.

2021-Sep-13, Monday

2021-Sep-12, Sunday